The International Plasmalogen Society is
a professional organization dedicated to
supporting and promoting
excellence in scientific research
on plasmalogens.

Aims and Missions

  • to facilitate international communication and cooperation among researchers on plasmalogens

  • to encourage collaborative research on plasmalogen across national boundaries

  • to sponsor symposia useful to those engaged in the study of plasmalogens

  • to promote and coordinate other activities related to plasmalogen science

Membership is open to physicians, scientists and other
professionals who are engaged in basic, clinical, and
translational research on plasmalogens.

Message from the newly elected President

Johannes Berger, PhD

It is a very great honour for me to serve as President of the International Plasmalogy Society for the next term. Hardly any other lipid has brought as many new findings over the last few years as plasmalogene. The field has been pushed forward by the developments of analytical tools as well as the elucidation of genes and enzymes involved in their biosynthesis. The involvement of plasmlogens in more common disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease or Autism Spectrum disorders has attracted more and more researchers to this exiting field of research. My goal as president of this society is to bring together scientists from different disciplines with a focus on plasmalogen to accelerate the understanding of the importance of this molecule. For this purpose, the third international plasmlogen symposium will take place on September 21 and 22, 2023 at the Center for Brain Research at the Medical University of Vienna. I really hope to be able to greet as many of you as possible there in person.

Message from Vice President

Takehiko Fujino, MD, PhD.

I feel truly honored to address you as Vice-President of the International Plasmalogen Society, comprised of the excellent leaders on plasmalogen research in the world. Plasmalogens, a special class of glycerophospholipids, will be considered more and more important in the post-COVID world, because it has become apparent that most diseases are more or less induced by brain fatigue which is biochemically defined as the state of being decreased in plasmalogens. During these tough times, it is particularly important to cope with stress, anxiety, and fear which cause or aggravate brain fatigue. I am firmly convinced that its best solution is to boost your innate immunity against virus infection, and that one of the most practical ways is to eliminate your brain fatigue, or phrased differently, to improve the decreased level of plasmalogens.
The purpose of the International Plasmalogen Society is to elucidate the biological mechanism and clinical efficacy of plasmalogens. A high value is placed on the global network of our fellow members by shifting from competition to collaboration. We hope to kick off our first meeting virtually.

Message from ex-President

Howard Goldfine, PhD.

After successful meetings in Fukuoka, Japan and Shanghai, China, the International Plasmalogen Society was formed to provide a forum to facilitate communication, cooperation and collaboration among those engaged in the study of plasmalogens.  In order to carry out this purpose we plan to sponsor symposia for its members and other individuals engaged in similar endeavors. Owing to the worldwide epidemic of Covid-19, this activity is delayed until it is safe to meet. Meanwhile, we hope to organize virtual meetings. As president, I would like to welcome anyone with an interest in plasmalogen research, in its clinical aspects and those in the early stages of their careers, to join us.
Plasmalogen research is currently in a very active state with significant new developments appearing in the literature frequently. With this website, we wish to provide a medium for these activities. Our membership geographically covers a large part of the biomedical community and we hope to expand our range. We welcome your participation and suggestions for future activities. Please send us your thoughts. The names of the officers and members of the Executive Council are available on this page.
These are great times in the progress of biomedical research. IPLS hopes to contribute to the advancement of science for the betterment of human health and basic understanding of the role of plasmalogens in living organisms, from bacteria to animals, including of course, humans.
Please join us!